On the surface, this is realistically one of the easiest questions to answer.  It’s a wiffle ball.  It’s textbook.  Whichever proverbial pun you choose, the answer will always be the same. Always. He is steadfast…on the job or off.

The problem with that Sunday School answer is that simply having that knowledge in our heads and even believing it to the core of our soul doesn’t do anything to draw us closer to Him. Too often, I treat my line of work as merely an incredible means to provide for my family. In a way, it feels a little embarrassing to admit what a small box I have placed around not only my job, but even down to the seemingly mundane aspects of my job. I don’t remember where I heard it, but I love the quote “you will never look into the eyes of any man that God isn’t madly in love with.” If that statement is true, and I believe it is true, that kind of changes things. It kind of changes everything. Right now my mind is spinning in circles just thinking about all of the missed opportunities I had to conduct myself in a manner that upholds that truth. Without sounding too cliché, first responders are privileged with the task of being first in line to make a 911 caller’s day significantly better. It’s easy, very easy, to place a box around each stereotypical call that we respond to and treat it with complacency or, worse, disgruntlement. What’s not easy, but something I believe to be very true, is finding God in the job…on every single call. He’s there. He’s madly in love with the person who called 911, regardless if it’s a true emergency or not.


I think that we honor Him when we seek him on the job…and that means that we have to treat every call we respond to in a way that glorifies him – with a serving heart no matter the recipient.

T. Brown (Denver Fire Fighter)