You know you’re a fire fighter family when:

  1. Your kids can only count on a calendar with rotations of A,B and C.
  2. You correct your friends when they say, “look at the fire truck; and you reply that’s not a fire truck it’s an engine.”
  1. Your entire families wardrobe consist of Station T-shirts.
  2. You have to drive by new fire houses in a new town.
  3. You make sure and find the exits when in stores or at hotels.
  4. You can tell the difference between the sirens.
  5. You realize holidays are no longer dates on the calendar, its when you get to spend time together.
  1. You have nicknames for everyone.
  2. You have to wait to tell your story 4 different times when they are on shift.
  3. Your children tell you to follow the lights when their dad is going on a call.
  4. You still have the structure fire smell after the second shower.
  5. You always are the first one finished at the family meal.
  6. You now know there’s more drama in a firehouse than a sorority.


T. Brown, Denver Fire Fighter